Takara Tomy's Masterpiece Soundwave Makes The Walkman Cool Again

In recent years, the Masterpiece line of Transformers toys has brought about highly-detailed Generation 1-style releases of many fan-favorite Autobots and Decepticons. Now, with their upcoming 13th release, Takara Tomy (and later Hasbro, hopefully) is about to unleash one of our particular must-haves in the guise of everyone's favorite covert information gatherer, Soundwave, along with his trusty cassette spy, Laserbeak! While the MP-13 Soundwave figure was alreay announced, this is the first time we've gotten to see some official color photos of the final version, thanks to Amazon Japan, along with some of his many accessories. While the Masterpiece Transformers have been notching up ever further in price, seeing that incredible Laserbeak has helped us forget all our bills and dedicate a sizable chunk of change to procuring this as soon as possible!

Soundwave is fully transformable, but who cares?! It's all about the robot mode for us! Some of the many points of awesomeness on Soundwave include being able to "push" his eject button, the ability to hold Laserbeak in his chest, and the cool Energon cube effect from the classic animated series--because Soundwave can do anything! Honestly, the original G1 toy is pretty great, but this new version is exactly what we pictured in our head as we played in the backyard as kids.

Laserbeak has turned out to be the biggest selling point for us of the whole set! He was also a huge surprise since the addition of Laserbeak has been a recent announcement. Unlike Soundwave, the original toy of Laserbeak didn't do his animated counterpart justice but this new version looks to make up for that in spades! He even has the tiny camera port on the top of his head!

Megatron is also a nice surprise, albeit in his alt-mode as a Walther pistol. Soundwave will be able to readily aim Megatron at the incoming Autobots--since Transformers can shrink. Man, no matter how much we suspend our disbelief, it's just so hard to have the shrinking abilities of characters like Megatron and Soundwave make sense! We'll just chalk it up to magic...or nano-machines.

Overall, this is looking to be one of, if not, THE best Transformers figures we've ever seen and we can't wait to add him to our collection! He's scheduled to ship this December and will run you around $169.99 from our friends over at Big Bad Toy Store.

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