Augmented Reality App Lets 'Alien' Chestbursters Tear Through Your T-Shirt

If you've ever played with the Action Movie FX app from Bad Robot you already know how fun it can be to add special effects to your smartphone videos. However, a new app from FingerFunk is taking things a step further by using an augmented reality effect to recreate the memorable chestburster scene from "Alien"!

The app uses a standard looking Xenomorph t-shirt design (seen above) as a marker for the effect. Just download the app to your android or iOS device, point it at the image and you'll instantly have a baby Xenomorph ripping a hole in your chest. The effect will even work without the t-shirt, so you could just print out the image, stick it to a friend or anything else and you'll be good to go. Check out the demo below.

The entertainment possibilities are endless and there's no denying this would be a great way to make a virtual Halloween greeting to send to all of your friends or family. You can start experimenting with the app right now if you snag the image, but if you want to pull off the effect like they do in the demo, and don't mind spending $30 to do so, I suggest you head over to FingerFunk and grab yourself one of the shirts. You can download the free Android version of the app here, or get the iOS version here.

[Source: Blastr]