Show Off Your Geek Cred With Our Back-To-School Gear Guide

It's almost Labor Day, which means wistful end-of-Summer barbecues and...back to school planning! Luckily for you, MTV Geek has made it easy to find the hottest items to rock the Fall in geeky style. Check it out:

Jean Grey Athletics Dept. Tee


Show your classmates that you're a gifted student with this sharp t-shirt from "The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning." It looks so legit that some people will probably think it's from a real school!

Adventure Time MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives

$19.99 (and up),

Let Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum store your data in these collectible USB drives from Mimoco. If you order now, Mimoco offers a 20% back-to-school discount until 9/3 (coupon code: BloohSchool!)

Deadmau5 Tracks HD Headphones


The dazzling world of electro-house music prodigy deadmau5 is brilliantly encapsulated in these new headphones from Sol Republic designed by the music-master himself. Featuring v10Sound Engines, a durable FlexTech headband, and three-button remote and mic, these headphones bring your music to the next level of cool!

LEGO Moleskine Notebooks


These limited-edition notebooks from Think Geek come with an actual LEGO brick embedded in the cover -- so you can build your own LEGO creation anytime! The notebooks come in two sizes, include LEGO-themed stickers, and of course are made with the quality you've come to expect from Moleskine.

Community GCC Hoodie


I've proudly worn my "official" Greendale Community College hoodie for a year, and it has never failed to make fellow fans of the NBC show tell me that I'm "streets ahead" in the style dept.

Converse DC Comics Sneakers


Whether hi-top or low-top, these Chuck Taylor canvas sneakers featuring superheroes (and supervillains!) like Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Joker are geek must-haves for the Fall. Best of all, comic book designs match everything!

Zombie Survival Kit Lunch Box


Let your classmates know that you're dependable during a zombie outbreak with this chic lunch box. Large enough to store sandwiches, juice-box drinks, and, of course, brainnnnsssssss...

"Sneaker" iPhone Case


Musubo has a whole line of unique iPhone 4/4S cases, but my fave for Fall is the sneaker-tread design -- which just symbolizes "back to school" for me! Each style comes with two different-colored  "soles" you can swap out so you can match your outfit.

"Homework Evidence" Thermos


Now when you tell your teacher that the dog ate your homework, you'll actually have something visual to back it up! This 18 oz bottle is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

"Bag Of Holding" Messenger Bag


Seemingly "bigger on the inside," this ultimate Geek bag is large enough "to carry a 17" laptop, Large 3-ring binder, two college textbooks, two paperback books, Amazon Kindle, iPod, cellphone, cables, pencils, business cards, spare batteries..." And the subtle d20 insignia lets other hobby gamers know that you are indeed one of the cool kids.

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