Sam Raimi Makes Sure Unauthorized 'Evil Dead' Sequel Is 'Dead By Dawn'

After taking independent film company Award Pictures to court, Sam Raimi and his Renaissance Pictures have blocked the production of Evil Dead 4: Consequences.

This was less of a courtroom battle and more of a courtroom uncontested type thing, with Awards Pictures not responding to the initial May complaint that sought to prevent the release of the unauthorized sequel. Awards Pictures president Glenn MacCrae has responded in the press, though, claiming that his company has the rights to make a sequel since Raimi and Renaissance have made no movements to develop their own in the 20 years since Army of Darkness, citing a 2000 interview where the Spider-Man director claimed that he had no plans to work on a sequel to the splatter classic.

In court, Raimi's lawyers insisted that Awards' production was interfering with his own plans for a sequel with Drive production company FilmDistrict at Sony Pictures. At the same time, there's also a remake of the original still under development with Raimi set to produce alongside Rob Tappert and Bruce Campbell. That film will be directed by Uruguayan director Federico Alvarez from a script by Diablo Cody with Suburgatory actress Jane Levy in the gender-swapped lead.

Since MacCrae failed to respond in court, the state of California has permanently placed an injunction against Awards Pictures from using the Evil Dead name or otherwise asserting they own the trademark to the series.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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