100% LEGO Go-Kart Will Take You For A Ride!

As a kid I always wanted a go-kart. Some of my friends had them, but for whatever reason I never got a chance to take them for spin. If I had known I could just build one out of LEGO, like the creative minds behind the contraption you see above, my childhood may have been a little different.

Created by Eric Steenstra, we honestly don't know a whole lot about this incredible build, other than the fact that it is 100% Lego Mindstorms and it can clearly hold a smallish kid. According to the comments section where the video was uploaded, no special supports were used to bring it all together and the ride is 2-wheel drive.

Though still a work in progress--it's noted that a steering mechanism is on the way--it's one impressive machine. Hopefully we'll have some more info once this thing gets finished, but until then, we'll just have to be happy enough watching this video of the kart slowly scooting through the living room.

Hey, did they lose a piece when the go-kart hit that speed bump rug, or am I seeing something else?

[via MAKE]