New Manga for the Week of August 29: CLAMP, Cute Cats, and Summer Romance

New volumes of Chi's Sweet Home and CLAMP's Gate 7 await us this week; JManga has some never-seen-before titles in a variety of genres, and One Peace Books gets us back to school in style with a handful of manga adaptations of classic novels.

Dark Horse has vol. 3 of Gate 7, by CLAMP, with Hana and the Inou Squad battling a stream of invaders, and possibly drawing in Chikahito, the ordinary guy who has stumbled into this ghostly world. The first volume was beautiful to look at but not so easy to read, but hopefully by now CLAMP will have settled into their story a bit. Dark Horse also has vol. 42 of Oh My Goddess for us.

Vertical ends the summer season with vol. 9 of Chi's Sweet Home, Konami Konata's super-cute manga about a mildly mischievous cat. This series was one of Deb Aoki's picks for the Best and Worst Manga panel that she hosted at San Diego Comic-Con this year (I was also a panelist), and she commented:

What's really fun about these later volumes of Chi's Sweet Home is that we see Chi the kitten slowly discover what it means to be a cat! It's funny and cute of course, but it's also kind of deep, actually. This makes it truly an all-ages comic that both kids and adults can love.

This will be the last new volume of Chi for a while, as the U.S. releases have caught up with Japan.

And JManga has some new digital manga. Shirumashi Pilgrim is a new series about a vampire and a nun; volume 1 debuts this week. Record gives off a science fiction vibe, and the main character is a girl named Punk. The London Game is a romance between two big-haired Europeans, an industrialist and a princess. And Hanagatari Tenshoin Atsuhime looks like some choice summer reading, an action story about a strong young widow leading her husband's clan as the samurai era draws to a close. Plus there's vol. 2 of the entertaining mystery series The Mythical Detective Loki.

And just in time for the start of the fall semester, One Peace Books is releasing some manga versions of the classics: Don Quijote, The Great Gatsby, Moby-Dick, Ulysses, and The War of the Worlds.