Justice League, X-Force, and Locke and Key: New Comics For August 29th

After a light couple of weeks, we’re finally getting a big Wednesday at the comic book store, led by potential juggernaut JUSTICE LEAGUE #12. That’s where Superman and Wonder Woman first start dating, Justice League of America gets teased, and the entire next year of Justice League. So, must buy status: engaged.

Also from DC Comics? FLASH ANNUAL #1, which brings together the Rogues, versus The Flash, versus Captain Cold; GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1, which launches the massive “Rise of the Third Army” event; and BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN #3, by the incredibly talented (and as we found out this past weekend, bluntly honest) Darwyn Cooke.

Over at Marvel, UNCANNY X-FORCE #30 continues the epic “Final Execution” storyline which will ultimately decide just how sharp everyone should be in the future. There’s also GAMBIT #2, continuing the thief-y exploits of everyone’s favorite mutant thief; JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #642, continuing the “Everything Burns” storyline; and X-TREME X-MEN #2, which features Dazzler jumping through dimensions, so if you don’t buy that, you hate comics basically.

Dark Horse has another incredibly strong week with ANGEL & FAITH #13, finding our heroes stranded in a demon dimension, sorely outmatched. We’ve read the issue, and it’s pretty fantastic. Also fantastic? AXE COP: PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD #2, which piles insanity on insanity; BPRD: HELL ON EARTH: RETURN OF THE MASTER #1, building up a new threat for our already overwhelmed heroes; and GOON #41, with a twisty tale reintroducing an old enemy.

IDW also has a strong week (we said it was a big week, right?) with LOCKE & KEY: GRINDHOUSE, a one shot that somehow is bloodier and more violent than the series usually is. Also there’s GODZILLA #4, which continues to play as the big budget monster movie of our dreams; SMOKE AND MIRRORS #5, one of the more unique worlds in comics; and TRIO #4, which scratches that John Byrne era Fantastic Four itch we didn’t know we had.

Other comics we’re looking forward to? GRIM LEAPER #4, tying up the most violent romantic fantasy comedy of all time; SKULLKICKERS #17, continuing the Six Shooters on the Seven Seas arc; X-O MANOWAR #4, where our barbarian with battle armor finally finds himself in the modern day; and SIXTH GUN #24, which is just a must buy on principle.

We said it was a busy week, right? See you next time.

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