A Quartet of 'American Horror Story' Season 2 Posters Reveal Premiere Date

Four posters from the Emmy-winning FX series reveal the October premiere date of the asylum-set second season.

The FX PR team got kind of arty with this batch of American Horror Story posters, skipping the sex and fetishism of the first season promotional materials to something more ethereal this time around. It's appropriate given the change in setting from a house in the L.A. suburbs to a haunted asylum and provides a may likely provide a striking thematic contrast between the two seasons.

Heading back to the 60's (and if the first season was any indication, flashing back to earlier points), Ryan Murphy's series recasts Jessica Lange as a nurse in the supernaturally-afflicted asylum, with a group of new stars joining her in the new setting. The second season makes its debut on October 17th on FX.

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[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

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