Life-Size LEGO Iron Man Wins Awards!

Some of you may remember the awesome, life-size LEGO Batman that Evan Bacon built last year for Brick Fiesta in Austin, Texas. He won a few different awards at the show and this year it looks like he wanted to keep the trend going, showing up with a life-size LEGO Iron Man!

I have to say that Bacon's second attempt at a life-size superhero is much better. That's not to say the Batman wasn't good – it was great! But this Iron Man, striking the classic “Face my repulsor ray!” pose is top notch. Not only are the color choices and the overall quality astounding, Bacon even went so far as to make Iron Man's arc reactor, palm and eyes light up!

Apparently, the model is comprised of over 18,000 LEGO bricks and stands 6-feet tall. Surprisingly, it only weighs 80 lbs, thanks to a hollow design. Much like his previous Batman creation, the Iron Man sculpture was a big hit at the annual LEGO lover's convention in Texas, proven by the fact that he once again walked away with a Brick Fiesta People's Choice Award for his unique work!

[via Technabob, Photo Credit: TJ Avery]

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