The Daily Geek: Mark Hamill's Rancor Rematch, A New JLA And More

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- ICYMI! Geoff Johns and David Finch are launching a new Justice League of America series! [MTV Geek]

- REMATCH! Mark Hamill snapped a pic with an acting pal at Star Wars Celebration VI.

- NOPE! Affleck is not directing the Justice League movie. [NextMovie]

- SPOILER ALERT...WHO CARES! Is it time to stop complaining about TV spoilers? [Badass Digest]

- PULP FIGHTER II! I would play this in a second! [Filippo Morini]


- BADLY BURNED BUNNIES ARE COOL! I would like this plush Freddy bunny please. [Superpunch]

- FAR OUT! The future of hairstyling is here! [Neatorama]

'Til tomorrow, gang!

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