FanExpo Canada: Alan Tudyk On FIREFLY, And... 'A KNIGHT'S TALE 2?'

You probably know Tudyk best from his work on Joss Whedon shows like Firefly, and Dollhouse, and okay, probably Firefly. But the talented actor has a lot of roles under his belt, and a crowd ready to hang on his every word here at FanExpo Canada. “This is like Comic-Con, but better,” said Tudyk entering to huge applause from the audience.

He then hit some “popular” questions he’s been asked at signings this weekend:

- “I’m a pisces.”

- “I’m currently single.”

- “What am I doing lately? I’m at a Con in Toronto.”

- More seriously, “I’m on a show called Suburgatory. We’re in our second season, which, as someone coming from Firefly, is amazing.”

- Continuing to talk about Firefly, Tudyk said, “I’m not aging, but look at this other people! I look at Adam Baldwin and say, wow, that was a long time ago. Even Summer has blossomed into a beautiful woman! Adam, not so much.” He then plugged the Firefly special from San Diego that will be playing on Science Channel this Fall.

- Tudyk then plugged Wreck-It Ralph, saying, “From what I’ve seen, it’s going to be very good. I’ve only seen my scenes.”

Then he opened it up to questions!

- Asked about his favorite role, he said Death at a Funeral. His most challenging role was, “Alpha, because he was many characters, and he was bad. I have to really focus to be a bad guy.”

- A fan then thanked him for being awesome, to which Tudyk quipped, “I’ve been working hard!”

- The same fan then asked how he felt about Heath Ledger’s death. Tudyk noted he was trying to put a positive spin on the question saying, “I always hoped we would do a A Knight’s Tale 2, we were having so much fun on it.” The idea would be that his character had bought a ship, ends up in chains on the ship behind a guy with a treasure map tattooed on his back - who keeps losing more of it as he gets whipped.

- We should also mention he gave everybody who asked a question signed pieces of scripts he worked on, which was really nice!

- Asked about what would be different if Wash was captain of the Serenity, Tudyk said, “More farming. Parking it somewhere nice. The coast!” To the fan who asked that, he signed, “Joss,” on some Serenity cards.

- What do you do in your spare time? "Twitter. Walk my dogs. If you follow me on Twitter, you can see them! I hang out with Nathan, we go to this really good sushi place in town.”

- What’s it like working on animation? “People are like, it’s not just sitting around with a microphone. Yeah it is,” joked Tudyk. “And then they animate it, and it looks great.”

- Talk about filming Dodgeball: “I meet a lot of Firefly fans, and other than that? It’s a lot of gars, and yars on the street. The moment Rip Torn showed up, he was out-pirating me every day. He knew great stories, knew his way around a bottle of rum.”

- Do you have any good Joss Whedon stories? “I don’t think I do,” said Tudyk, thinking. “Make one up!” shouted a fan, to huge laughs from the audience. Tudyk continued that with Whedon’s scripts at first were very focused on the original words, but by Dollhouse, Whedon had relaxed a bit and allowed some of the actor’s words into the process.

- What about doing so many voices for Alpha. “Tim Minear said there was a draft with a five year old girl personality! Thank god that got cut before shooting. It would have been... Too comfortable.”

- Who got the dinosaurs from Firefly? Props held onto them, though Tudyk asked to get to keep them. Eventually, one of the lighting guys gave him one much later on.

- How did you feel about your death scene in Serenity. “It didn’t feel great, but I think it did wonders for the movie. ‘Alan, give me a call, you die. I don’t like you,’” said Tudyk, pretending to be Whedon. “It raises the stakes. Now I rewatched the series, and... He was a really cool character.”

- Will there be a sequel to Tucker & Dale Versus Evil? Tudyk said they could do, “Tucker & Dale Go To Yale,” which would be a slasher movie on campus, with Dale going to Yale, and Tucker being the groundskeeper.

- Who is your favorite person to work with? “Nathan Fillion is a good guy. He was a leader on that show, and really made us... I don’t know if we would have been as good friends if it wasn’t for him. He brought everyone together.” He also loved working with John Tuturro on Transformers.

- On Joss Whedon’s frequent Shakespeare readings, Tudyk said he played Bottom in Midsummer Night’s Dream.

- How do you feel about Zoe not “being on her leash anymore?” “She wasn’t the one who wore the leash,” said Tudyk to applause. “Nathan said he would hook up with her... She decided she would be celibate after I died. That’s the sort of wife she is!”

- What’s your reaction to ‘Float Out,’ the Serenity comic Patton Oswalt wrote - and the last page in particular? “Yes! She’s put on a lot of weight. She let herself fall apart after I went. It was bad ass, and it made me want to do more of Firefly.”

And that was it! We’ll see you here later for more coverage from FanExpo.