FanExpo Canada: The Marvel NOW! Panel Shows Off The New, Shiny Comics

On the biggest day of FanExpo Canada, Marvel held their biggest panel, talking about all things Marvel NOW! On the panel were Steve Wacker, Nick Lowe, C.B. Cebulski, Axel Alonso, and Tony Moore, moderated by Arune Singh.

Starting off, Singh noted that they’re not giving anyone, “new collars,” and Alonso added that the idea harkens back when he was a kid, and comics all had “different flavors.” Back to Singh, he plugged one of the developments was the addition of Marvel AR to titles, as well as digital downloads with every copy.

First up was Uncanny Avengers:

“The fact that we lured John Cassady out of semi-retirement says a lot about our confidence in this series,” said Alonso. Lowe added that this book is in the continuity as previous Marvel books. “It’s the same story, not a reboot.”

A+X was next up, with Lowe saying that the main idea of the book was fun, and bringing together characters you wouldn’t expect. Followed by All-New X-Men...

“Growing up with Xavier’s Dream, they’re going to end up a in world that’s very different,” said Alonso.

For Iron Man, Alonso plugged that artist Greg Land and writer Kieron Gillen hone the relationship they had on Uncanny X-Men, while Singh said it was like the scene where Iron Man blows up terrorists in the first movie, “turned up to eleven.”

For X-Men Legacy, Lowe couldn’t say much, other than Legion is the new lead.

For Deadpool, Singh brought two cosplayers up on stage. The first one was too nervous to talk, while the second one, self professed, “Chubby Deadpool,” asked Moore about the new costume. Moore said he felt he needed to transform and sleek down the costume a bit. Chubby Deadpool then asked whether Deadpool would get his healing factor back. Lowe started to say to read and find out, when CD interrupted, “I’m the one with the mic and the swords, answer the goddamn question.” “Yes, he’s getting his healing factor back,” said Alonso when the laughter died down. Then they showed off the Deadpool game trailer, which went over very well with the crowd. It’s written by Daniel Way.

On Indestructible Hulk, “Mark [Waid] pitched one of those stories that make you say, why didn’t I think of that,” said Alonso. He added that usually stories get ripped apart at Marvel retreats, and this one was pretty much untouched.

“Remender is going to be taking Cap out of his comfort zone,” said Singh.

Singh said that Thor: God of Thunder deals with three eras, with Thor fighting a serial killer called The God Butcher. “Jason has a huge imagination, and it only grows with Ribic,” said Alonso. “This is a personal dream project for me, I wanted to see them together.” Added Cebulski, “If Led Zeppelin was a comic book...”

Briefly, Alonso talked about Jonathan Hickman on Avengers, saying he got the book because of his work on Fantastic Four. “He has a plan for seven or eight years down the road... He thinks big,” said Alonso.

In Fantastic Four, the team goes on a vacation through space and time for four minutes, so they pick replacements that take their place in FF. “Matt is writing the adventures he would imagine for his family,” said Wacker. “It’s the kind of book you can really put yourself into.

Then it was open to questions!

- Are we going to see non-Avengers or X-Men in Marvel NOW! asked a fan, not so subtly asking about Alpha Flight. “There is no Alpha Flight Marvel NOW! plan right now,” said Singh, adding that there’s plenty that hasn’t been announced yet.

- Two Kevin Smith fans got into a mild fight over Smith possibly writing Deadpool, with Alonso noting, “He’s never asked me! He has my phone number.”

- Asked whether Kathryn Immonen will be writing anything coming up, we’ll kick it over to this piece of art:

- A Hulk fan asked, “Why renumber Hulk? Hulk just renumbered!” with Wacker quipping, “Hulk only know how to count to ten!” He then added that retailers and customers respond to a new number one.

- Whether the end of Avengers vs. X-Men would affect Uncanny X-Force, Lowe said there should be an announcement in two weeks. Alonso added that X-Force always has a specific mission statement, so look for that to possibly change going forward.

- Future Foundation isn’t going away, they’ll be in FF going forward.

- For Marvel NOW!, Alonso said it wasn’t as much influenced by the New 52, as by his new tenure as EIC. “The only comparison you can make is that we’re putting new number ones on our issues,” said Alonso. Singh added that when someone does something like New 52, it’s good for everybody because it brings people into shops.

- Asked whether they’d ever consider bringing back Spider-Man 2099, Wacker responded with an emphatic, “Yes! There have been several e-mail chains about this, so stay tuned.”

- On double shipping, the panel said that retailers and comics buyers respond well to ‘em, and as long as the work is good, they’re happy to keep ‘em going. On the economic realities of buying multiple copies a month, Lowe quipped, “The easy solution is to not buy any DC Comics.”

- Will there be entirely new titles from Marvel NOW? Wacker said yes, noting Morbius: The Living Vampire was just announced earlier today.

- No Runaways news. STOP ASKING NICK LOWE, EVERYBODY. Beginning in December, however, there will be an ongoing series that features Runaways characters in it that may “anger people,” said Singh.

- There MIGHT be an announcement about where Ramon Perez is going next on tomorrow’s X-Men panel, says Lowe.

We’ll leave you with one more pieces of art, and see you in the next panel!