FanExpo Canada 2012: Exclusive Bags, Shirts, And More!

One of the best part of going to a big Con is the exclusives, and FanExpo is no different! Whether you’re looking for a unique gift, or just gotta have it all, here’s a rundown of the Exclusive items you can snag at FanExpo Canada 2012:


Amazing Spider-man #692 – The over-sized issue just hit stands this week… But the variant cover by fan-favorite J. Scott Campbell is only available at FEC. It’s $15, limit 2 per person.

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT – This reprint of issue #11 has an exclusive FanExpo Canada cover. You can tell, because under his costume, Batman is dressed as a mountie. Just kidding. This costs $12, and as far as we can tell you could buy as many as you wanted.


BEFORE WATCHMEN LITHOGRAPH (11” x 34”) – This exclusive limited edition lithograph by Jim Lee recreates his interlocking covers for the first issues of the Before Watchmen project. It’ll set you back $25.00, and a lot of fans yelling at you.


DARK KNIGHT SHIRT – $25, and this David Finch designed shirt can be yours!

Fan Expo Canada T-Shirt – There’s only 400 of these $20 shirts celebrating Toronto’s famous Giant Hand, so grab ’em quick!

50 years of Spider-man Shirt – Only 500 of these $25 babies, so grab ’em quick, too.

Big Bang Theory T-Shirt and Plushie – Bazinga shirts were one of the bigger items at SDCC, so we imagine this $30 set will sell fast, too!


Fan Expo Canada Bag #1 – You’re going to need to carry stuff somehow, right? Then why not plunk down $5 for this Spider-Man anniversary tote, with art by Humberto Ramos?

Fan Expo Canada Bag #2 – Or perhaps you’re more of a Batman… Man? If so, this David Finch Dark Knight cover is also available for $5 CAN.

…And those are the official ones. You can also find exclusive prints and more just by walking around the floor, so go to it, Expoers!

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