'American Horror Story: The Asylum' Gets Teased In 5 Video Shorts

With American Horror Story's second season on the way in October, FX releases a series of what can best be described as "conceptual promos" for the asylum-set next batch of episodes.

The five promos could I guess be called "teasers" but you'd have to have already made the original connection that the second season of the series will be set in an insane asylum to really make the connection. Between the institutional imagery, the nuns, etc., you can get that sort of turn-of-the-century Bedlam vibe, but they're so spare that (along with the music sting) they feel like jumbled bits from a second pass on the video tape from The Ring.

The second season will see Jessica Lange returning as the head nurse at a haunted mental hospital in the 1960's, a facility with what's certain to be a mysterious past and if the first season is any indication, lots of dead bodies will start piling up before everything is over and done with. The second season still doesn't have a firm release date but it will be out sometime in October.






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