Last Call Kickstarter: Reaper Miniatures "Bones" Breaks $2M, Hobby Gaming Records

During the "Bones" Kickstarter project video, a Reaper Miniatures employee begins to lay out all of the miniatures included in the set.

Something special is happening over at Kickstarter right now, as Reaper Miniatures has broken all previous hobby gaming crowdfunding records with time to spare. As of Friday morning, their Bones project still has 36 hours to go with a funding total of $2.1M, putting it in the #4 spot for all-time funded gaming projects behind such high-profile projects as the Ouya, Double Fine Adventure, and Wasteland 2.

So why are people yelling "take my money!" at Reaper Miniatures? Apparently, there is a very large pent up demand for inexpensive little plastic fantasy models. Games using miniatures have a bad reputation for being expensive, as in "break the bank" expensive, but a big part of the recipe for Kicktarter success is that Reaper Miniatures has continued to expand the scope of their project as new "stretch goals" are hit. What originally started out as a range of 67 plastic miniatures for $100, and was already a good deal at that price, has nearly tripled in size to include over 190 individual figures.

The image showing what you get at the $100 level is so large that I cannot even embed it here. You'll just have to check out the project page for yourself.

The original selection of miniatures is pictured above. When viewing the entire expanded range, prepare to scroll for a long, long time.

The surprising detail here is that there is no actual came called Bones; you don't get a rule book or instruction manual telling you how to play with your nearly 200 new miniatures. Instead, this is a gaming accessory on a grand scale. Use them in your RPGs or war games of choice, or just paint them all up and let them look pretty on a shelf. Although, with 10,000+ backers getting the full set, I would not be shocked if several opportunistic designers tried to invent a game system that uses these miniatures.

As the project's scope has expanded, the variety of characters depicted has grown as well. Originally designed as a set of fantasy miniatures, the expanded range has grown to include steampunk, sci-fi, zombie hunters, pirates, scenery, and even officially licensed Pathfinder RPG characters.

There's also the opportunity to get a whole variety of add-ons to your pledge, all cost-subsidized due to the project's runaway success. Giant figures are a rarity in the miniatures gaming world, and while you get a few in the $100 base set, Reaper Miniatures is offering up nearly 20 different sculpts to add on for $10-15 a piece. Of course, for the big spenders, "Nethyrmaul the Undying" is available for $25: a gigantic undead dragon that would make the best of novelty hood ornaments.

There's not much time left to pledge, so decide now whether you want to get in on this ridiculously under-priced miniatures set. The conversation with Kickstarter in general has been quickly shifting to profitability and viability, so there will be much attention on Reaper as they wrap up such an ambitious project. Hopefully, Reaper won't have any issues producing and delivering this enormous set of miniatures. Me? I'll be busy setting up my paints and brushes.