Steve Jackson Games Unveils Mars Attacks, Guild, Pathfinder Games At Gen Con

What do Mars Attacks, Pathfinder, and The Guild all have in common? Not much, but they'll all be turned into licensed games at the hands of Steve Jackson and company.

As Mars Attacks is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, the license has been popping up everywhere, but how better to commemorate the occassion than with a return to its original card-based roots? Munchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks will be a 15-card booster mini-expansion for the soon-to-be-released Munchkin Apocalypse core set, and will be available next summer.

As a franchise that tends to not take itself too seriously, Mars Attacks seems perfect for the Munchkin treatment. That sentiment goes all the way to the top of the company, as Steve Jackson had the following to say regard his use of the theme:  "We are going to be completely faithful to the original MARS ATTACKS concepts. We are going to blow things up without reason or mercy or even very good aim. We will continue until the squashy Earthmen force us back to make a last stand on our dying desert home. It's them or us."

The second Munchkin-related announcement at Gen Con was even less expected: The Pathfinder RPG setting will be used to create the next full 168-card Munchkin set. But isn't the original Munchkin set already a fantasy RPG parody? Yes, but while that parody drew directly from the most popular RPGs of its time, most of today's players have moved over to Pathfinder. It's time to update Munchkin, and you'll be able to get your hands on Munchkin: Pathfinder in fall 2013.

The last announcement from Steve Jackson Games had nothing to do with Munchkin at all. Instead, the 1999 classic Chez Geek will be getting a facelift courtesy of the hit web series The Guild. Chez Geek is a lighthearted card game about roommates competing to be the ultimate slacker by working a crappy job, inviting over friends, buying stuff, and performing geeky activities. Plenty of parallels can be drawn to MMO players, but we'll let the Steve Jackson Games designers do the rest of the work.

Commenting on the news, Guild actress and creator Felicia Day stated that she "played Chez Geek for the first time during a rehearsal for TableTop and it was so much fun! I'm thrilled that fans are going to be able to experience this awesome game with The Guild characters. I'm looking forward to playing Clara for a change. Although if Chez Guild were real life, I think Vork would probably win.""