FanExpo Canada: Jeff Parker And Neil Edwards On The NEW Dark Avengers

Are you ready for the NEW Dark Avengers? Seems like we just got the Dark Avengers a few months ago, but writer Jeff Parker, along with artist Neil Edwards are ready to change the team... Again. A new US Agent, an old Moonstone, and some surprises are in store, so we chatted with the team to find out what's up now with Earth's Deadliest Heroes:

MTV Geek: Okay, so last time we chatted about this title, the Thunderbolts were gone, and the Dark Avengers had taken over... Except it was really still a Thunderbolts title. Now, the Thunderbolts have been disbanded, and there are New Dark Avengers? I may be just a simple country comics journalist, but there's only so many times you can fool me, Parker...

Jeff Parker: Are you saying we're obsessed with status quo switching? Fine!

This is the book- whichever it is- where you can't get complacent. I like that we're now established as following story developments and their conclusions even if they lead to new roads. It gave us a chance to introduce the Dark Avengers first as pure villains, doing bad things and endangering the world.

Geek: Okay, okay, but what's going on? What can you tell us about the New Dark Avengers?

JP: In short, it's like they died and were sent to hell. I don't want to reveal too much about the premise, but you'll discover they're all far from being the most vile version of the Avengers.

Geek: How about the line-up? I know we're going to see Moonstone in there; any other mainstays?

JP: Isn't it interesting how Moonstone always worms her way back in? She's not above a costume change to keep in the spotlight. What I like, and it was a Brennan Idea, is that John Walker is going to step back into the role of replacement Captain America.

Geek: Related, maybe: Will we ever get to see Man Thing record a rap album?

JP: I've made it quite clear to editorial that I want to do a Man-Thing book, and if that happens I don't see why not.

Neil Edwards: I’d buy it, and the rap album!

Geek: What about Neil coming on to the title? What does he bring? Also, Neil: what do you bring?

JP: Neil brings everything is what Neil brings. He gives me the chance to ramp up the scale of the stories to epic proportion, because he can draw spectacle. You can give him a simple quiet scene, but he'll still build it elaborately, so I might as well go huge. Also he's a pleasure to collaborate with. It really counteracts my difficult-ness. And Brennan's swagger.

NE: Blimey, thanks for that Jeff! I love working on team books and this is the ultimate team book with so many characters in it, I hope I do it justice!

Geek: Don't know how much you can talk about this, but Luke Cage has been integral since you came on the title. Is this new iteration still a stealth Power Man book? Or is a new guy taking center stage?

JP: No, the Sharzhad story is the story of Luke ending this chapter in his life. We'll miss him very much.

NE: Yeah me too, I loved getting the chance to draw Luke.

Geek: In a bigger sense, Thunderbolts, and Dark Avengers have always been about a path to redemption... How long can you walk characters on that line before they need to make a choice?

JP: We're exploring the idea that even if you're a nightmare, funhouse version of a hero, there's still something integral about being a hero that is part of you. And that just like a great person may make some poor choices, a bad person can also make some good ones. More importantly, some entertaining ones.

Geek: Back to the book... Neil, what's your take on the world of New Dark Avengers? And is there anything you've been particularly psyched to draw?

NE: I love working on big scale action and the issues I’ve just done are epic scale adventure. I couldn’t wish to be on another book. At the moment love drawing Hyde and Man-Thing is fantastic, you can go to town with all the texturing .

Geek: Any other thoughts or teases? Things you're excited for fans to see?

JP: I think they're going to like our very Marvel version of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK!

NE: Oh, just you wait, there’s some real treats coming up for you!

The new story arc kicks off this December in Dark Avengers #184, from Marvel Comics!

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