The Top 10 Superheroes Who Dated Other Superheroes

Superman and Wonder Woman, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes CRISIS ON INFINITE MARRIAGES, or something like that. Anyway, Supes and Wonds aren’t the first super-powered comic book couple, and they definitely won’t be the last. Here are ten of our favorites:

10. Spider-Man/Ms. Marvel

File this under potentially bizarre pairings that shouldn’t work, but do. Maybe it’s uber-nerd getting to go out with the hot cheerleader, or how amused Carol Danvers seems the entire time; but even with only a date or two under their utility belts, this is a couple we’d love to see more from.

9. White Queen/Cyclops

Sure you could go with the safer Jean Grey/Cyclops choice, but we all know they’re snore-worthy. These two started in a bad place, with a bit of the ol’ adultery, and if the direction Avengers vs. X-Men is heading is any indication, are going to end in a bad place… But in between, seeing Cyclops soften the White Queen, and Emma bring Scott out of his shell has given us one of the more nuanced relationships in comics.

8. Wonder Woman/Nemesis

Speaking of “She’s out of your league,” how about face-changing spy guy Nemesis, and Wonder Woman, the most beautiful woman of all time (according to comic books)? Not only did Gail Simone use the opportunity to explore bizarre Amazonian mating rituals, but the relationship itself was short, sweet, and filled with far more gorillas than you might expect.

7. Black Canary/Green Arrow

Another damaged couple, but one inextricably drawn to each other. If they weren’t superheroes? Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen might have dated, had a couple of kids, and called it a day. But as is, they had to deal with supervillain attacks, jealous exes, and far more violence and tragedy than any regular couple. And all they had were some trick arrows and a sonic scream… Superman and Wonder Woman either have a much harder, or much easier path in front of them.

6. Invincible/Atom Eve

One of those relationships you always pulled for, either Invincible or Atom Eve were always with someone else, liking the other at the wrong time. Then suddenly they were both single at the same time, and things just worked out… Just like in real life!

5. Scarlet Witch/Wonder Man

Just your regular old girl with chaos powers meets and falls in love with the guy who’s brain patterns were used to create the personality of her dead husband who was a robot story… With a twist! Actually, that was all twist, but the slightly weird romance of Simon Williams and Wanda Maximoff makes us ship all day.

4. Spider-Man/Kitty Pryde

We’ve sung the praises of the “only in the Ultimate Universe” relationship between the teen Spider-Man and the teen Kitty Pryde before, but allow us to do so again: a pairing so obvious, it made us dance with glee – but also the sort of thing that could only happen in the continuity of the Ultimate U.

3. Apollo/Midnighter

One of the first openly gay couples in comics, Apollo and Midnighter succeeded because they worked so well together anyway – not because they were a walking, talking statement. It’s like if Superman and Batman were way cooler, and started dating. Awesome, right?

2. Luke Cage/Jessica Jones

I may have started as a series of one stand stands, but hey, lots of great relationships start that way. Cage and Jones went in and out of love, then stayed with each other through thick and thin, had a kid together, then got married. And the whole time, they’ve stayed one of the more grounded couples in comics.

1. Kitty Pryde/Colossus

Is there any more potent metaphor than a giant guy made out of metal with the soul of an artist falling in love with a girl who can’t be touched? Kitty Pryde and Colossus finally consummated their relationship after he came back to life semi-recently, but even then the two lovers have been driven apart by forces beyond their control. Still, end of the day, we know the metal man and the shadow cat will end up together.