It's Official: Superman and Wonder Woman Now An Item!

Fans still mourning the split between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson can now focus on a new Power Couple: Superman and Wonder Woman.

DC Comics has confirmed through EW that their two flagship superheroes will start a "next level relationship" within the pages of "Justice League" #12, hitting stands on August 29th -- and we see some evidence of serious smooching right on the cover:

I know exactly what you're thinking -- you've seen it all before. The flirting between the two. The "imaginary stories." But "Justice League" writer Geoff Johns insists it's the real deal: "This is the new status quo."

However, will the new romance, which the comics publisher promises "will have a seismic impact on all the heroes and villains in the DC universe," seriously upset fans? After all, before the "New 52" initiative, Superman and Lois Lane were married for quite a while. One need only think back to the furor over the "One More Day" storyline in "Amazing Spider-Man," when longtime loves Peter Parker and Mary Jane had their marriage essentially annulled by "the Devil" (Mephisto, technically).

"Justice League" artist Jim Lee told EW that he actually looks forward to the controversy: "Hopefully this will raise a lot of eyebrows. We welcome the watercooler chatter."

Considering the passionate nature of comic book fanboys and fangirls throughout the world, those are the words of one brave man.

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