'Community' Welcomes Malcolm McDowell To The Faculty

Malcolm McDowell is one of my favorite "cult" actors -- from his work as Alex in  "A Clockwork Orange" and H.G. Wells in "Time After Time," to his more recent work as Dr. Loomis in the "Halloween" remakes. Now he'll be another colorful character in the Greendale faculty, playing a history teacher. According to THR, McDowell's character Professor Cornwallis will appear in two episodes of the fourth season of "Community."

Today series star Joel McHale tweeted a pic of him and legendary actor McDowell on the set:

In other casting news, "Little Britain" star Matt Lucas will also have a role in the new season of "Community," playing a friend of Abed's. TVLine describes Lucas' character, Toby, as follows:

"...a fanboy whom Abed meets at an Inspector Spacetime convention. Now here’s the part that’s going to really rankle Abed’s current BFF and soul mate: Abed and Toby will quickly discover that not only are they kindred spirits, but they’ve 'met' before online. Ladies and gents, we’ve got ourselves another Community love triangle!"

Expect more "Community" news soon, as the show gears up for its October 19th premiere.

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