Turn Your iPhone Into A Classic CB Radio! (Trucker Hat Not Included)

I don't know what it is, but there's something about speaking into a walkie talkie or CB radio that just makes you feel cool. While CB radios may be better off sticking to the trucking lanes, this CB Radio iPhone Handset will help you bring that feeling of awesomeness everywhere.

While primarily designed for use with an iPhone, it will work with just about any phone sporting a 3.5mm headphone jack. There's an answer/hang-up button on the side (though this feature only works with compatible devices), volume control and a power button. Even better is the mute button that silences whoever happens to be on the other end of the conversation, making it seem as though you're actually using a CB radio.

There's a lot of cool features on this device (you can even use it as a speaker!) but what we love most is how authentic it looks. It really appears to have been ripped straight out of Uncle Willy's big-rig and the best part of all is the price tag – if you head over to ThinkGeek this bad boy will only set you back about $20!

If you need some further inspiration before you commit and pick one up for yourself, watch the video below.