...And Now Here's a Teaser For Doctor Who's 'Asylum of the Daleks'

The premiere in NYC crashed servers, and disappeared in seconds. The official trailer took over Twitter. And now, the BBC has released a twenty second clip from the the first episode, as a teaser trailer. Oh, and we still don't know when the show is premiering on TV, but more on that after the clip:

So that's pretty rad, no? First of all, we get a sense of the plot: the Daleks need the Doctor...to save the Daleks. Whether that means all of them, or the leftovers trapped in the "Asylum of the Daleks," we have yet to find out. That also implies a greater threat than the tin cans themselves, which means: it's a pretty big threat. But what would possibly convince the Doctor to help them out? I mean, I imagine he does, otherwise five seconds after this, our main trio is a pile of smoking ash. Which would be shocking, but probably not a great hour of television.

Now, about that premiere date: the current rumor, given the NYC premiere of September 25th, is that the show will debut on TV one week later on September 1st. And we'd call BS, except: BBC America is running an all day Who marathon, every hour on the hour, of season 6, followed by the Christmas Special at 8pm. At 9pm? Nothing. Which could mean they're running the 60 minute 'Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe' long with commercials, which is very, very padded out. Or, it could mean they're cutting it down, and premiering Asylum of the Daleks at 9pm. I'm guessing they're going with that, personally, though the rumor mill has now moved the premiere to September 8th? Perhaps BBC America is hedging its bets.

Anyway, let's watch that clip again, shall we?

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