Is Paramount Prepping an Animated 'Legend of Korra' Movie?

Paramount's new animation division is readying a spate of new production for the coming summer movie seasons. And among the projects up for consideration: an animated Legend of Korra film.

According to a report in Variety, the new animation studio (which debuted last summer), is currently trying to fill its production pipeline with Nickelodeon series, among those Dora the Explorer, Monkey Quest, and of course, The Legend of Korra. From a dollars and cents standpoint, it's an attempt to do more with the company's IP [Paramount and Nickelodeon are both owned by parent company Viacom, along with MTV].

Over the summer, the series wrapped up its first season, guiding the new Avatar from her home with the Southern Water Tribe to the Capital City where she battled anti-bender forces and various political intrigues while attempting to master her abilities.

Right now these titles are just up for consideration, but if an animated Korra were to make it to the big screen, it might be a great treat for fans who weren't satisfied with the live-action The Last Airbender. The report doesn't note whether these would be CG or traditional animation films although the 2014 Spongebob movie will have the same style of animation as its TV counterpart.

The Variety report goes on to say that Paramount would like to keep the budgets under $100 million. As a point of comparison, Rango cost about $125 before marketing, bringing in around $243 million worldwide during its release. Among the other developments: a host of new writers have been brought on board to develop projects under the watchful eye of Mary Parent and J.J. Abrams, but it sounds like they're on board for original productions and new IP.

So what do you think? Should Korra get her shot on the big screen and if so, are you going to be there when it happens?

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