'True Blood' 5.11 Review: It's Nearly 'Sunset' For Season Five

Amidst gangs of ravenous new vampires on the loose, increased attacks on werewolves, Bill's descent into religious mania, and Tara's possible like-like feelings for her maker, True Blood delivers one of the most over-the-top, show-breaking scenes in the show's history.

****Spoilers after the jump****

So my problems with Bill's sudden conversion might have been both exacerbated and somehow settled by this week's episode. Lilith's blood is crazy-making and it's not only affecting him but Salome as well, with the vampire goddess telling them both that they're intended to be the chosen ones. Up to this point, I've felt like Bill's sudden change of heart felt more like a plot move rather than a character move and while that's more or less how it's playing out, it doesn't undermine the character the way it seemed to in earlier episodes.

Here, he's forcing Jessica to make Jason an vampire and hacking dudes' heads off without a second thought. And really, the Authority could use calmer heads with the military breathing down their necks, and the U.S. government on to the fact that the True Blood factory bombings weren't committed by terrorists. Personally, I want to see and know more about those vampire killing weapons we've never even heard of, but that will have to wait since Eric snaps General McBluster's neck in what can only be described as a very clunky means of getting himself and a newly-sane Nora permission to leave Authority HQ.

Speaking of: have we ever seen the abandoned warehouse exterior of the Authority base before? I may have missed it in an earlier episode.

Sam and Luna continue their steal assignment in the Authority base, finally locating Emma, but Sam gets carted off to be Bill's breakfast in what I can only assume is a gambit to talk his way out of there. But he hasn't seen crazy new Bill, so...

You wouldn't know things were on the verge of an all-out vampire-human race war back in Bon Temps, where Arlene and Terry are none the worse for killing Terry's CO last week, even giving Andy some relationship advice about honesty and loyalty. So cue Mirella, the pregnant fairy showing up (their gestation periods are super fast), demanding that Andy honor the agreement of light he made with her after they bumped fingers a couple of weeks back. She's worried about the upcoming war with the vampires and wants Andy's protection, but he doesn't want to screw up the good thing he has with Merlotte's waitress Holly and kicks Mirella out. This will likely have consequences, and dumb fairy related ones at that.

I'm going to prolong getting to the terrible, horrible chat with the fairy elder a little longer, but it's coming.

While Alcide and his dad (Robert Patrick with a compound bow!) are fending off vampires, Jessica seeks safe haven at Fangtasia under Pam's protection. Among the most interesting things to come out of this whole sequence is that we learn about vampire nests, specifically that when living together in groups, vampires have a tendency to spike in irrational, blood-crazy behaviors which might in part explains the sudden burst of religious zeal back at the Authority. Maybe this would also explain why Lilith's blood is having the effect it is on the vampires in the compound.

Tara and Jessica patch up, but not before Pam is carted off by the Authority for killing the new, terrible Sheriff (leading to the best line of the episode, "Who the f*** is Luna").

Alright, let's sort out the hokey, jokey, pop culture-obsessed, not as funny as it thinks scene in the fairy club with the fairy elder. Seeking information about the mysterious vampire Warlow to who Sookie was apparently sold by her ancestor John Stackhouse, Sookie is introduced to a vampire elder who has problems communicating after centuries of wearing many forms and moving across dimensions. The entire begins with the elder interpretive dancing out of a beam of light and then speaking almost exclusively in non-sequiturs while filling Sookie in on the plot (a little, not much new information comes out of this whole mess).

Later, the elder motivates the other fairies to face Russell, who's out looking for any fairy blood he can find so that he can again walk in the daylight. Things go not so well for the fairies and very well for Russell who by the end of the episode is grinning ear to ear at the virtual buffet in front of him.

With the finale on the horizon next week, who'll live? Who'll die? Will Andy be caught in some baby mama drama? Who'll make it out of the Authority? Will Sam become lunch? Will Sookie ever get to be more than a plot point again?

True Blood's fifth season finale will air Sunday, August 26th at 9 on HBO.

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