Felicia Day Guest-Stars On The Hilarious New Web Series 'My Gimpy Life'

The hilarious "My Gimpy Life" was recently (pretty much JUST) brought to my attention by a Tweet from its star/creator Teal Sherer, who fans of "The Guild" should know as "Venom." For those of you who, like me, are unfamiliar with the recently launched web series, here's the synopsis from the official website:

My Gimpy Life is an orginal comedy web series created by and starring Teal Sherer, who is best known as “Venom” from Felicia Day’s The Guild. Loosely based on her real life, the show centers around Sherer’s awkward adventures as a disabled actress trying to navigate Hollywood in a wheelchair. My Gimpy Life is written by Gabe Uhr and directed by Sean Becker.

The show is very much in the vein of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" wherein our main character experiences a number of exceedingly hysterical awkward experiences centered around both her own and others' misunderstandings. It's blunt and it's honest, but most importantly, it's funny as all hell!

You can watch the latest episode of "My Gimpy Life" right here which guest-stars Felicia Day (playing Codex from "The Guild"?). And you can catch up on the previous episodes by subscribing to the "My Gimpy Life" Youtube Channel.

Warning: There's some NSFW language.

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