JManga7 Will Deliver Fresh Manga Seven Days a Week

The digital manga site JManga is celebrating its first anniversary with a spinoff: JManga7, a new unlimited-access manga service that will offer new chapters of manga seven days a week.

The site went live today, and while there is no manga yet—that's coming in October—JManga is kicking things off with a competition to win seven Nexus 7 tablets and seven free subscriptions to the site.

The idea behind JManga is summarized in three bullet points:

Unlimited Access.

Access everything from the hottest to the undiscovered… Manga for everyone!

Anytime. Anywhere.

The manga you love online and on iOS/Android devices.

New Manga. Every Day.

JManga7 is updated with new manga 7 days a week.

The original JManga carries a wide range of manga that readers can purchase by the chapter or by the volume. Users need an internet connection to read their manga; while iOS and Android apps are in the works, JManga has not confirmed that the manga will be downloadable onto those devices.

JManga7, on the other hand, is more like Viz's Shonen Sunday site, or like a free version of "Shonen Jump Alpha": It will carry individual manga chapters, and when a volume is complete, the reader can purchase it at the original JManga site.

JManga business manager Robert Newman disclosed the plans for the site in an interview at San Diego Comic-Con. During that interview, he told me that the site will launch with about 20 titles and will carry a mix of shoujo and shonen manga, including some brand-new series that will have just been released in Japan. Although he had no specific titles to announce, Newman did say that the site will have both well-known and lesser-known series.

Newman said that much of the content on the site will be free, but a paid subscription option will be available that would allow readers earlier access, and perhaps exclusive access, to some manga chapters; the idea is similar to what Crunchyroll is doing with anime. The free service may have ads, but the subscription version will be ad-free, he said.

While the service doesn't officially kick off until October, users can pre-register now for free, which will enter them in the contest for the Nexus 7 tablets and the free subscriptions.

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