'Robot Chicken' Kicks off Season Six With the 'DC Comics Special'

The September 9th half-hour special will kick off the sixth season of the Adult Swim series with an all-star cast, likely harsh Aquaman jokes.

If the "Star Wars" specials were any indication, the "DC Comics Special" will probably cast a wide net throughout the DCU with both obscure and big name characters making a stop-motion appearance.

Back in April, we brought you news about the voice cast which includes Nathan Fillon, Megan Fox, Alfred Molina, and Seth Green, and Neil Patrick Harris. They'll be joined by Tara Strong, Matt Senreich, Tom Root, Zeb Wells, Clare Grant, Alex Bornstein, Abe Benrubi, and Kevin Schnick as the narrator.

Schnick spoke to MTV Geek about the special during NYCC:

The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special kicks off season six on Sunday, September 9th at midnight.