EXCLUSIVE! John Cassaday's Marvel NOW! Redesigns For Rogue, Scarlet Witch, And Havok With Commentary From Tom Brevoort

A few weeks ago, we snagged you your first look at the redesigned Captain America for the Marvel NOW! initiative. Today we're back with more, specifically exclusive looks at John Cassaday's character designs for Rogue, Scarlet Witch, and Havok, with commentary from Tom Brevoort! Read on, true believers:

MTV Geek: First of all to give these some context, these are John Cassaday's redesigns for "Uncanny Avengers"... Was there any general MO going into the looks for this title? Or was it the driving force just letting John go nuts?

Tom Brevoort: Rick [Remender] and I had some specific directions we wanted to push things with a couple of the characters, but in general it was John’s design sense which carried the day.

Geek: Starting off with Havok, it seems like this is a combination of a few of his looks, including the return of the three bands, but the loss of his beloved headsock. What was the idea behind this change?

TB: In essence, Rick and I wanted to go back to something approximating his original cool Neal Adams design—the black highlight-less bodysuit with the concentric circle power effect. That was always his most distinctive look in my opinion, and nothing he’s worn since that has really been all that memorable. So John took his cues from that design, tweaked it a little bit, pulled that strange antennae-thing he had on his head down onto his cowl, and off we went. I seem to recall that John initially had him with a full belt, and I had to talk him into compromising with the sort of side belt things.

Geek: The other major difference from his current costume seems to be -- as you touched on -- the loss of glowing rings. Are we moving away from the "Tron" inspired aesthetic in general?

TB: I’d say it’s more moving back towards the way Neal Adams originally depicted his powers working visually back in the day, only maybe modernized a little bit. So yeah, no glowy "Tron" lines necessarily, but a while lot of concentric circles.

Geek: Moving on to Rogue, this seems pretty consistent to what her current look is. Is there anything we're missing? What was the main idea behind her costume this time?

TB: In terms of Rogue’s look, I think everybody involved really liked her original Michael Golden outfit, the one with the hood—so this represents a modernization of that approach to the character. As you say, it’s really not all that different from the kinds of things she’s been wearing recently. A little bit less scarf, maybe.

Geek: Scarlet Witch is probably the biggest change, simply because she's wearing a coat! How much discussion went into giving her approximately 90% more clothing, clearly raising the ire of the "No Pants!" internet lobby in the process?

TB: The Scarlet Witch has always had one of the least practical costumes for a super hero, so having come out the other side of "AvX" and "Children's Crusade," that was something we were looking to address. I didn’t really have anything specific in mind other than, “More practical” and “Keep the tiara..." That Tiara is the most easily identifiable aspect of any Scarlet Witch outfit. It was John who came back with the more covered-up civilian style, which we liked and made sense. Wanda is in a different place right now, she doesn’t feel like a super hero any more and she’s looking for a way to atone for her past actions and to move forward as a person, so this look underlines that change in her outlook.

Geek: Any final thoughts? Was there any talk of having the "Uncanny Avengers" have team costumes, or did that just not make sense for the title?

TB: The team may still get team costumes. It was one of the ideas that Rick tossed out initially, and it may still be something we do down the line once they’re established as a team. But with that being the new thing in super hero teams, it does start to become a bit ridiculous... Wolverine stopping off in a phone booth on his way to this meeting or that meeting in order to change his clothes. Doesn’t seem like the sort of thing he’d worry at all about, really.

"Uncanny Avengers" kicks off in October, from Marvel Comics!