Help Fund A Documentary On The Greatest Character Actor Of All Time

I love Dick Miller. There I said. I love the guy like crazy. And this project, especially the wonderful video below, really appealed to me. Dick Miller is one of "those guys" actors you've seen in pretty much everything. He's always there. Whether he's a janitor or a shop owner or a farmer or a murderous beatnik...he's there.

According to IMDB, Dick Miller has been in 175 movies and TV shows. If you're fan of Joe Dante you've seen him in almost every movie the guy's directed, especially "Gremlins" 1 and 2, where he played the once-throught-crushed-by-a-turbine Mr. Futterman. He's been a staple of Roger Corman's output, particularly his turn as the deranged Walter Paisley in the fantastic 1959 horror flick "A Bucket of Blood," which saw Miller as the aforementioned murderous beatnik, picking people off and turning them into art projects.

"That Guy Dick Miller" is a full-length documentary being directed by Elijah Drenner, who made the terrific doc "American Grindhouse," and it needs your help. "That Guy Dick Miller" will be a:

funny, fast-paced and nostalgic look at Hollywood's most successful character actor will include original interviews, highlighted by hundreds of film and television clips alongside Dick's personal photos and 8mm home movies. We are planning to shoot 30 to 40 more interviews with more of Dick's co-stars, directors, producers, fans, film historians, family members and friends to help tell his amazing story.

If you've got some extra dough, consider helping out. Dick Miller's career deserves to be honored because as Drenner says in his Kickstarter intro vid:

Dick Miller is embedded in the DNA of 20th Century pop culture and his story needs to be told.

Head to the "That Guy Dick Miller" Kickstarter page to check out the cool rewards. But hurry, there's only one week left!

But first, watch this great vid:

Okay, now go dish out some cash!

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