Kids, Their Families And LEGO Employees Built This Model Of Japan Out Of 1.8 Million LEGO Bricks

What happens when you get 5,000 children, parents and LEGO employees in the same room with nearly 2 million LEGO bricks? Well, I could let the photo above speak for itself, but I'd much rather tell you – they rebuild the entire island of Japan out of the world's favorite building toy!

The project was part of the “Build up Japan” celebration that took place between March and April of this year, marking LEGO's 50th year on the island nation. Sections of the build were created in six different regions of Japan and were then moved to a massive auditorium in Tokyo where they were combined to create the amazing work of art you see before you. Skyscrapers, boats, docks and even futuristic interpretations of Japan's architecture make up the build -- nothing was left out (except the mountains) and even more was added.

We've featured countless LEGO builds here on MTV Geek and are continually blown away by what people can do with a little creativity and some interlocking plastic bricks. However, LEGO has made it clear that they won't be outdone at their own game. This model of Japan, along with numerous record-breaking towers built around the world, only goes to show it will be a long time before we live in a world without LEGO. As a life-long LEGO fan myself, I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you want to see a full gallery featuring photos of the build and many of the folks involved, head over to the Build up Japan Facebook page!