New Manga Releases For The Week

It's a slow week, with only a handful of releases from the usual suspects, but we have a few new things to stave off boredom during the dog days of August.

"Wolf" is a one-shot manga from the folks who brought you "GEN Manga Magazine," and in fact it was serialized in "GEN." The main character was abandoned by his father, a professional boxer, as a young child, so of course he takes up boxing and hunts down the old man so he can kick his ass—and ends up being a member of his gym. It's a good shonen manga with a couple of twists and a lot of heart.

Viz has three new series from Shonen Sunday. My pick would be vol. 33 of "Kekkaishi," as this quirky battle series is nearing the end of its run—vol. 35 is the finale. For Rumiko Takahashi fans, there's vol. 11 of "InuYasha" in the VizBig edition, and if you're just looking for some good shonen manga, check out vol. 6 of "Itsuwaribito." If you don't mind reading your manga on the screen rather than the page, now is a good time to catch up on missed volumes or start a new series, as Viz has all its digital manga on sale for 20% off (so most volumes are $3.99) through August 20.

Meanwhile, the digital manga site JManga has loaded up some fresh summer reading, including two one-shot romances, "The Sheikh and a Desert Pearl" and "Forbidden Love with a Prince;" vol. 4 of "PoyoPoyo's Observation Diary," a gag manga about a pillow-like cat; vol. 3 of "Otaku-Type Delusion Girl," a school story about, well, an otaku girl with delusions that her classmates are having torrid romances; vol. 2 of "Lady Lady," a detective series with a female lead; and, for those who have been waiting for this for years now, vol. 4 of "Walkin' Butterfly."

And winding up this short week, Kodansha has just one new release: Vol. 7 of "Bloody Monday," a thriller about computer hackers.