Daredevil, Before Watchmen, and Saga: New Comics for August 16th

Here’s our pick for the best comic this month, and we haven’t even read it yet: DAREDEVIL #17 by Mark Waid, with art by Mike Allred. Already (sorry for the alliteration) one of the best superhero titles on the stands, the addition of Mike Allred for this one-off featuring the stupendous Stilt-Man lifts it into the stratosphere. Not that the regular art team is shabby, given every issue has been stellar so far, but Allred is superb, and we can’t wait to get our grubby mitts on this.

Marvel has another fabulous looking title in the hardcover OGN HULK: SEASON ONE, by Fred Van Lente, art by Tom Fowler. Fowler’s work is an incredible mix of the grotesque and the beautiful, which should work for this alternate take on the Hulk’s first few issues. Oh, and over in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #691, we’re wrapping up the current Lizard storyline, and if what we think will happen, happens, there’s gonna be a lot of crocodile tears happenin’.

But what of DC Comics, you ask? Well, we're pretty curious about BEFORE WATCHMEN: RORSCHACH #1, particularly because Lee Bermejo's art is stunningly good; and say what you want about Before Watchmen, it's pretty inarguable that this is some very, very pretty comic book art. There's also SHADE #11, the penultimate issue of our current fave DC series, and BIRDS OF PREY #12, GREEN LANTERN #12, and WONDER WOMAN #12, all tying up year-long story-lines in preparation for the next wave starting in October (after September's #0 issues).

Image Comics also has a strong week, led by SAGA #6 - and having read it, we're starting to get angry that writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples manage to have an incredible splash page opening and closing each issue, six months in a row. Leave some for the other people, guys! There's also the return of dark spy caper PIGS #8, and REVIVAL #2, a fantastic, weird take on zombie apocalypse stories, without the zombies or the apocalypse.

At other publishers, you've got ALABASTER WOLVES #5, a tie-up to Caitlyn Kiernan's great Southern Gothic meets Buffy book; BLOODSHOT #2, which keeps heaping on the twists and surprises; and ROGER LANGRIDGE'S SNARKED #11, another penultimate issue of a title we'll be very, very sad to see go. And that's it! We'll see you next week.