Master The (Magnetic) Force With The Star Wars Force Glove!

Ever since we overheard Obi-Wan Kenobi revealing its true power to Luke Skywalker, Star Wars fans have dreamt of one day mastering the Force. Thankfully, what can take younglings decades to perfect will only take mere moments for us normal folks, as long as we're wearing the Star Wars Force Glove!

Okay, so its not the actual Force, but that doesn't make it any less cool. Well, maybe it does, but give it chance. This edu-tainment product from Uncle Milton's Toys is a simple glove done up in Star Wars fashion and equipped with a removable magnet. Flip the magnet to the Imperial logo and you can push the included Star Wars-themed objects across the table. Flip to the Republic side and you'll picking that lightsaber up in no time.

For $16.99 over at it could be a pretty fun toy to have around. And if you've got younglings of your own it would definitely be a great way to teach them about magnetism and your love of Star Wars at the same time. Uncle Milton even provides and Activity Guide so you won't waste any time beginning your Jedi training.

VMAs 2018