Goretorium, Eli Roth's Vegas Horror Hotel Gets a Trailer

The Hostel and Cabin Fever director is in the Vegas theme hotel business. Mr. Roth makes his pitch for why you should come have a gory stay at his place out in the desert after the jump.

The Vegas resort is the filmmaker and sometime actor's attempt to bring the fictional Hotel Belmont to life on the Vegas Strip. Opening this September, Goretorium isn't quite like a haunted house or other kinds of guided horror exhibitions--essentially, guests will wander the halls of the Hotel Belmont and discover all of the gory treats the place has in store for them. The whole thing will employ live actors, animatronics, and special effects to sell the vibe they're going for. The whole thing is contained in a vintage hotel setting organized like a labyrinth.

Roth's been busy in the last few years with a couple of acting roles and producing gigs for other up-and-coming filmmakers, including the RZA on his Man With the Iron Fists (which he also co-wrote).

You can find out more about the Goretorium on its site.

[Source: Vegas News]

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