‘Before Orel’ the ‘Moral Orel’ Prequel Dated for November

Series creator Dino Stamatopoulos announced via Twitter that we can expect to see the prequel special on Adult Swim November 19th at Midnight with repeats Tuesday, Wednesday, aYnd Friday of that week.

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The special will give us the origins of tiny evangelist Orel Poppington’s religiosity while also giving us insight into his baby brother Shapey’s birth.

It’s been a long road getting to the special, after the stop-motion series skewering religion ended its run back in 2008 after three complicated seasons on Adult Swim. Since then, Stamatopoulos has been working on his latest series, Mary Shelley’s Frankehole along with a regular stint on Community as Starburns (Stamatopoulos responded to a fan question about that characters return to a Harmon-less season five four with an emphatic “no”).

He will be working with Harmon again, though, executive producing Being John Malkovich and Adaptation screenwriter Charlie Kaufman’s first animated film, Anamolisa, and everything about that project sounds incredible. You can see the trailer for its Kickstarter campaign below, but I have to confess to already being hopelessly in love with the idea of Kaufman in stop-motion, sight unseen:

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