Watch This iPhone Fall 1,000 Feet And Survive The Landing (video)

We've known for quite some time that G-Form's iPhone cases can protect your device from just about any impact. However, the company still likes to reassure folks that their products are the real deal. The latest stunt had base-jumpers drop an iPhone from over 1,000 feet and you can see the surprising result after the break.

In the video, Gary Connery is joined by fellow base-jumpers Brett Kistler and Jamie Flynn on a sheer rock face of the Eiger in Switzerland. The three daredevils, equipped with their flying squirrel-like wingsuits and G-Form's extreme protective compression gear, capture some awesome footage with helmet mounted iPhones and hit speeds of over 100 MPH.

While the jump and descent is quite a feat in itself, it's the spare iPhone that really has our attention. Wrapped in one of G-Form's protective iPhone cases, one jumper proceeds to drop the device from an altitude of 1000 feet. As the iPhone hurdles back to Earth it records every moment leading up to it's impact with cold, hard ground. Under normal circumstances, it would have probably exploded into a million little pieces, but G-Form once again proves that their cases are top notch when it comes to extreme conditions.

If you want all the info on G-Form's surprisingly resilient iPhone cases head over to their official website.