Playing Head Games With a Saucy Succubus In This 'Lost Girl' Clip

You know those times when you're meeting some shady guy in a hotel, then a headless assassin comes to murder you both? It's one of those kinds of clips.

Plus, details about the season one DVD/Blu set after the jump.

When sending over this clip, FUNimation also passed along the pilot for the show (which will be included in October's DVD/Blu release). And I have to say that even with the rockiness that a genre pilot usually brings--particularly one in the Buffy/Angel/Supernatural mode, Lost Girl was able to charm me into seeking out the rest of the series.

The setup involves Bo (Anna Silk), who's bounced around the country, doing odd jobs, and generally living off the grid because there's something wrong with her: for reasons unknown to her, she is occasionally compelled to kiss a person and suck out their life force. In the pilot, we learn that she's a succubus, and that there's a whole world of supernatural creatures called Fae (I know, just go with it) who want her to pick a side in their centuries-long stalemate. Along the way, she picks up Kenzie (Ksenia Solo), her kinda sidekick human friend as they try to navigate the in-fighting between the Light and Dark factions.

Here's the thing: it shouldn't work, or that's to say, the track record for shows with "sexy" heroines out front using their sexiness to drive the plot don't often work. But besides being genuinely funny, Lost Girl finds a way to use titillation to drive the story in interesting ways while, you know, actually making Bo a character worth following. Plus, as far as the "newbie in the supernatural world" thing goes, it's a great counterpoint to Grimm, which I groused about at length earlier this week: here we have clear motivations for our heroine along with actual stakes for the story (both sides, for their own reason, want her dead and she's going to need to navigate her way through that).

The Canadian-produced series, which just wrapped will soon be wrapping up its second season on SyFy, is getting its first season released on DVD and Blu-ray this October from FUNimation. Besides releasing the series uncut for the home market (it's got a bit of salty language, maybe a bit more blood than you'd see on commercial cable), the home release will also include some behind-the-scenes featurettes and interviews not available on the current Canadian season one set.

Lost Girl: Season One will be available on DVD and Blu-ray from FUNimation.

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