'Boardroomers' Premieres at 9PM EST, Taking Hobby Gaming Debates to Google+ Hangouts On Air

Think of all the burning questions you have about the hobby gaming industry. Don't worry, they'll come to you, just keep thinking. Now what if there was a place where you could watch a live debate, featuring a panel of gaming industry professionals attempting to answer these questions? Lucky for you, that show premieres tonight at 9PM EST, when Boardroomers kicks off its first episode using Google+ Hangouts On Air.

Think of Boardroomers as a version of ESPN's Around the Horn for board game nerds. If you are both interested in board games and actually got that sports reference, then you are just the sort of keen audience member that Boardroomers wants watching live, submitting topics, and even contributing to the in-show Twitter Q&A.

So who exactly are the Boardroomers, and why should you care what they have to say?

Boardroomers debates will play host to a variety of industry professionals spanning game designers, publishers, and media. The full roster includes:

Ryan Metzler - Game reviewer for The Dice Tower

Bryan Fischer - Co-founder of Nevermore Games

Chris Kirkman - Co-founder of Dice Hate Me Games and host of the State of Games podcast

David Marie - Game reviewer for The Card Gamer

Patrick Nickel - Co-founder of Crash Games

Phil Kilcrease - Founder of 5th Street Games

Darrell Louder - Game Designer (Compounded), game industry graphic designer, and web admin for Game Salute

And of course, yours truly will be joining the Boardroomers debates representing MTV Geek.

The first episode, premiering tonight at 9PM, will feature a debate on the relevance of local gaming stores. With several Boardroomers having experience both past and present in running game shops, the debate is surely to prove lively.

For a sneak peek at what you can expect from a Boardroomers episode, check out the mini-episode introductions to the show's cast, currently hosted on the Boardroomers YouTube channel.

An audience view screencap from the Boardroomers introductions preview episode.