This LEGO Lord of the Rings Diorama Is A Work of Art

Even though Lord of the Rings has official LEGO sets available these days people keep taking it upon themselves to recreate scenes from the films on their own. And why not? There are a ton of memorable moments, landscapes and events to draw inspiration from and the amazing diorama seen above is just one example.

Created by Flickr user Xenomurphy, this gorgeous build depicts an early scene from Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring where Frodo and Sam, along with tag-alongs Merry and Pippen, first encounter the Ringwraiths, realizing just how eerie and dangerous their journey will be.

The use of actual Lord of the Rings minifigures is a nice touch, but it's the enormous tree and carefully planned landscape that really give this build it's “wow” factor. Xenomurphy has really done a great job bringing everything together and, for anyone familiar with the Lord of the Rings films, it's instantly recognizable.

Honestly, Xenomurphy could have left the minifigures and any reference to Lord of the Rings out and still came away with an incredible work of art. However, Frodo, his Hobbit brethren and the Ringwraith just make the build that much cooler.

Be sure to head over to Xenomurphy's Flickr page for all the details and some great photos of this build.