135 Pound LEGO Serenity Model Is Mind-Boggling

I am absolutely beside myself right now. We have seen some incredible Lego builds before – a 10,000 piece Jawa Sandcrawler, the entire Middle Earth and an enormous Venator Class Star Destroyer – but this Lego rendition of the Serenity from Firefly is just plain crazy!

Adrian Drake is the Lego Master behind this beautiful and incredibly accurate build and he used the Quantum Mechanix blueprints to get things started. The ship is a beast and one of the biggest and most complex Lego builds we have ever seen. It required an impressive 70,000 bricks and took 475 hours, over the course of 21 months, to complete. It measures over seven feet long and weighs in at an intimidating 135 pounds!

Not only is the ship big and heavy, it's built to minifigure scale and includes all of the compartments and rooms found on the “actual” Serenity. The only thing missing is the engine room, which apparently would have been impossible to pull off due to structural issues.

What I find most impressive, other than the sheer size of the build, is the fact that the cargo bay and cockpit both light up, both of the engines can rotate, the wings swing out like they should and Inara's shuttle can detach for quick getaways!

While we grabbed some photos for you to check out, you need to head over to Adrian Drake's Flickr page and browse through his full gallery for a look at all of the details this stunning build incorporates. Trust me, you'll be glad you did!

[via iO9]

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