What's New With Doctor Who: Christmas Villains, Play With Pond, And Nail Art!

Welcome to our time-traveling, space-warping round up of all the news we could find about the world’s most popular Timelord, Doctor Who. And there’s a ton of news to get through because, remember: this article is bigger on the inside.

ITEM! Doctor Who Trailers Are Cool

You probably are already very well aware of this, but there's a new Who trailer and promo pic floating around. Pic up above, trailer at this link, and STILL no word on the premiere date.

ITEM! Amy Pond Figure Is Scarily Realistic

Forgive us if this has gotten posted before, but if not: this Amy Pond figure is ridic, and even comes with a tiny clay TARDIS. Geronimo.

ITEM! More Details About The X-Mas Special

Nope, still no idea when the new season premieres... But we do have a fair idea when the Christmas Special will be on: Christmas. Not only that, but we also know Richard E. Grant - who previously played the ninth Doctor in a Moffat produced spoof - will be the villain menacing the Doctor and new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman. The special will also feature Tom Ward, who played H.G. Wells once in a TV movie, so there's your tie-in.

SPECULATION! Will Chris Eccleston Return to Who?

The Mary Sue has a nice round-up of rumors regarding Ninth Doctor Chris Eccleston's possible return to Who for the Fiftieth Anniversary. For our money? That would be great. I know this is probably not THE most popular opinion, but as much as I love David Tennant, I thought Eccleston's take was far more interesting; it would be neat to see him take on the role one more time, and his rapport with Matt Smith would be fascinating. This also continues to fuel rumors that we'll get some sort of mega-Doctor jam next year... And frankly, if we don't? It's kind of a missed opportunity.

NAILS! Nail Art Travels Through Time and Space

Ladies: this would be uncomfortable, right? I mean, my nails are whittled down to horrible nubs right now, so I don't know much about this... But it looks like at the very least, it would making typing difficult? I dunknow. you can check out a ton more ridiculous geeky nail art at KayleighOC's DeviantArt page.

GUESS! Game Mod Goes All Who

Guess Who? Get it? This modified game board is fun, but would be even more fun if every tab was The Silence, and you immediately forgot where anyone was right after asking.