'Quarriors!' Dice Game Keeps Rolling With Third Expansion

Board game publisher WizKids is turning their Quarriors! dice game into a full-fledged franchise, and they've got plenty more "Q" puns to back it up. Quarriors!: Quest of the Qladiator, the fourth game in the series, has been announced for a November 2012 release.

From a gameplay standpoint, Quest of the Qladiator is bringing at least one new trick to the table: Locking. This creature ability allows for persistent effects, impacting the game until that creature is "Unlocked" by way of replacement, spell effects, or through a payment of two Quiddity by another player.

It's also adding a shot of variety to the game, both in new dice and the design ideas behind them. Quest of the Qladiator includes six new creatures and two new spells for a total of forty new dice and twenty six new cards to complement them. The Quest of the Qladiator box will also have enough room inside to fit all previously-released Quarriors! dice.

The expansion also marks a departure from the design duo of Mike Elliot and Eric Lang, instead replaced by Jason Tagmire and Bryan Kinsella. While Kinsella is a WizKids veteran, Tagmire is a new face for the company, the result of the recent WizKids recent "Seach for the Next Great Game Designer/Developer." You may recognize Tagmire's name as well though, given his recent Kickstarter success raising $40k+ for Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game.

I spoke with Tagmire, who confirmed his involvement in the WizKids designer search, stating that he was "thrilled to work on this." When asked how he decided which direction to take the Quarriors! game system established by Elliot and Lang, Tagmire said he "had the word 'Quarantine' in mind the whole time, and with that, wanted to create longer lasting global effects."

Quarriors! was one of the hottest new games in 2011, but once the novelty of "dice building" wore off, the game began to fizzle. Players lamented that the game would end before they could benefit from earlier moves, diminishing their ability to strategize. While it may seem silly to complain about luck vs. strategy in a game that is pure dice-rolling, the game was vastly improved when the Quarriors!: Quarmageddon advanced rules gave players new strategic options, allowing them to mitigate the luck of those dice.

On paper, the new Lock mechanic introduced with Quest of the Qladiator looks to be another positive addition to the series. Quarmageddon was a huge step forward, and this newest expansion will only enhance the feeling that a player's dice are doing something for the player, not just lamenting in a bag.