Gambit, Batgirl, and Archer and Armstrong: New Comics For August 8th

This may be one of the lightest weeks for desirable new comics on memory, but that doesn’t mean we’re not over-packing our stack. First up is Marvel’s GAMBIT #1, a sexy new take on the Cajun thief by up and coming writer James Asmus. We’re excited to see all the sexy shenanigans that Gambit will get into over the series, so fingers crossed this on catches on.

Also from Marvel, there’s SPIDER-MEN #4, which we hear is the most emotional issue of the crossover as our Peter Parker meets Ultimate Gwen Stacy. We’re also looking forward to DAREDEVIL ANNUAL #1 by Alan Davis, and INCREDIBLE HULK #12, which finds Banner staying one step ahead of the Hulk, while tricking Big Green into doing his dirty work.

Over at DC meanwhile, there’s two neat new titles: BATGIRL #12 brings B-Girl face to face with B-Woman in a fight to the… Well, probably not death, but to the punch, we’re sure; and PUNK ROCK JESUS #2 continues the story of a future society where Jesus gets cloned live on TV. Doesn’t seem that far out, actually.

Dark Horse has two great titles, as well: BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 9 #12, pitting Buffy against her worst enemy, a paying job; and CONAN THE BARBARIAN #7, which finds the Cimmerian taking his girlfriend home to meet his parents, with predictably awkward results. Oh Conan, will you ever learn?

At Image, there’s, you guessed it, two titles we’re excited about: DANCER #4, the penultimate issue of this fantastic new spy-fi series; and IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS #1, a goofy, worthy sequel to Mike Allred’s Madman comics.

And finally, two more titles, because, twos you guys: ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #1 continues the incredibly strong Valiant relaunch, with more laughs than most of the other books; and VOLTRON YEAR ONE #4 is a cracking good space yarn, with nary a giant lion in sight.

We’ll see you back next week, when there’s more comics! We hope.