See the Vagabond Swordsman Fight in This Live-Action 'Rurouni Kenshin' Trailer

Director Keishi Ohtomo's live-action adaptation Rurouni Kenshin is heading to the big screen in Japan on August 25th, and here's a good look at how the movie looks in motion.

The full synopsis and impressions after the jump.

A little light comedy, some historical political machinations, and thankfully, no glaringly bad CG on display. Those were my major takeaways from the trailer which doesn't seem to be going the super-flashy route for its adaptation, and isn't afraid to rely on wire work to show its characters bouncing around onscreen.

Actor Takeru Sato, who should be an old-hand now at the live-action adaptation game, seems like he's able to pull off the character based on our brief time with him in the trailer. The Beck and Goemon actor will hopefully be able to strike that fine balance between innocuous wanderer and deadly assassin. Based on the story synopsis below, it looks like the redemption tale behind Rurouni Kenshin is taking a bit of a backseat to the clash between the evolving landscape of the Japanese military, so expect plenty of gun vs. sword action.

Casting wasn't really my concern here--most times, the actors are spot-on for the parts in these live-action adaptations of manga and anime titles. The real issue most times is how over-produced and garish they end up being, just loaded with distracting CG (consider the late-90's vintage flying swordsmen animation from Goemon and Kamui). More often than not the production teams seem to be straining at some kind of anime look without really having a sense of how poorly some of this stuff will track onscreen.

Here's the official synopsis from Comic Book Movie:

Japan is about to enter the Meiji era and transition from the Middle Ages to industrialization. The samurai have no place in this modern society where warriors are less useful than traders. Unemployed, having lost the right to wear the sword, and facing guns and cannons, the samurai will gradually disappear into legend. Kenshin is one of such lost warrior. Once a grand master of the sword he is now a vagabond, wandering the roads of Japan. However, his chivalry and courage will make this one-time mercenary a loved and respected vigilante.

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