NECA Announces Special Sale Dates For Their Atlas Portal Device Prop Replica

NECA Toys has recently been doing the work of Aperture Laboratories with the release of their 1:1 scale Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device prop replica. While not actually being capable of opening portals through which to fling weighted cubes and/or annoying people in line at the bank, they do light up are an exact match to what is seen in the Portal 2 video game from Valve. Today, NECA is announcing the ATLAS version of the ASHPD will be going on sale in a succession of three different special sales, that will be announced exclusively on their Facebook page this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! Not only does the Atlas light up in the correct blue and purple colors, but has some sweet blue racing stripes added on! That makes it faster!-- right?

Read on for all the info about the ASHPD: ATLAS sale, and your chance to be one step closer to living in a videogame.

-150 Atlas units will go on sale, $140 each.

-Sale will be divided in 3 batches of 50 units – Tue, Wed, and Thu

-Batches will be announced at random times only on our Fan page (

-We only allow 1 order per customer/household

For more on this prop replica, and all of NECA's other upcoming videogame-based toys and action figures, be sure to check out their official website!

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