Tezuka's 'Black Jack' Picked Up For Live-Action TV Series From 'The Walking Dead Studio'

Entertainment One, the studio that produces "The Walking Dead" for AMC has picked up the television series rights to Osamu Tezuka's classic medical mystery manga, "Black Jack."

I can already hear the pitch: "Dr. House with fetal monsters."

More details after the jump.

Tezuka's creation--a brilliant, unlicensed surgeon who charges exorbitant fees to cure all manner of bizarre medical mysteries--made his debut in 1973 in "Shonen Champion" and has been adapted into multiple TV series in Japan including a ten-episode OVA in the 90's and multiple specials. Most recently, spinoff character Ray got her own 13-episode animated series released in the U.S. through Section23 Films.

This is the first time to my recollection, that Black Jack himself has gone live-action. Given that this is a Western-developed series, presumably executive producers Taka Ichise and Doug Davison (who adapted "The Ring" and "The Grudge" for the U.S.) are looking to cast this one with U.S. audiences in mind. One of the big questions is to what degree will they be willing to go all-out weird with it? For instance, Black Jack's assistant is a lisping homunculus made of cast-off body matter that looks like a toddler and is deeply in love with the bad doctor. Plus, with his sweeping cape, scarred body, and the kinds of cases he handles, Black Jack is a mix of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and Van Helsing.

Casting aside, if that kind of stuff makes it into the series, I'll be glued to my seat.

"Black Jack" is currently being serialized by Vertical, so if you have a chance, pick up one of their gorgeous volumes and see what makes the character so interesting.

[Source: Deadline]