A 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Writer Is Hired, Iggy Pop Was On 'DS9' And More In The Daily Geek

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- WRITER OF THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY OF THE HIRED! Marvel has nabbed a writer for its next flick!

- DANG? Kate Beckinsale was almost the famed 3-breasted prostitute in "Total Recall!"

- THEY'RE HEEEEERRRRREE! What are the 6 scariest things to come out of a TV?

- LUST FOR WEIRD EARS? So Iggy Pop was on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," huh?

- AMAZING ALTERNATE MOVIE POSTERS! Here are three of my faves! Click here for more.

A LABYRINTH OF BOOKS! David Bowie not included...but still incredible!

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