Exclusive: New 'Legacy' Title Teased For Marvel NOW!

After yesterday's revelation that Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, and Tony Moore were possibly opening a Mexican restaurant together, today's teaser for Marvel NOW! is a little more straight-forward... And a little more surprising.

The straight-forward part? Looks to us from the teaser sent over by Marvel that writer Simon Spurrier, who so far has only done some minis and one-shots for Marvel, is taking over "X-Men Legacy" with artist Tan Eng Huat. Unless, of course, they're writing a series about the Legacy Virus. Or continuing the events of the 1998 movie "Legacy," starring David Hasselhoff. Fingers crossed for the latter.

The surprising part is if this is, in fact, a continuation of "X-Men Legacy," a title that's always been critically regarded but never a gigantic hit. Placing the title as part of the Marvel NOW! first wave shows an enormous amount of confidence in whatever is coming next for the title from the Publisher. We're certainly curious to find out what that is, and of course stay tuned to MTV Geek for more info.