¡Peligro! 'Juan of the Dead' Coming to DVD In The States!

The zombie comedy virus continues to go viral with this Cuban export from director Alejandro Brugues which rejiggers the "Shaun of the Dead" formula to take a few pokes at life in his home country.

A synopsis of the film and DVD details after the jump.

It's always cool seeing some horror formulas tweaked, reworked, and outright evolved at the hands of creators in other countries. "Shaun of the Dead" was a celebration of 30 years of zombie movies and "Juan of the Dead" layers on some political commentary on top of Edgar Wright's romantic comedy formula.

The disc is coming from Focus World here in the U.S. on August 14th and will include deleted scenes, a making-of featurette, and interviews with the cast. In terms of audio options, the disc will come in 5.1 Spanish with English subs.

Here's the official synopsis:

When Havana begins to fill up with zombies, two friends hatch a plan to launch a zombie extermination service after their picturesque island is overrun by the living dead in this satirical horror film from director Alejandro Brugués (Personal Belongings). Fast, fun and hilarious, JUAN OF THE DEAD, gives a decidedly latin touch to the zombie genre, along with a winking nod to the zom-com hit, Shaun of the Dead.

It's the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, and as the hungry undead make an unwelcomed appearance, best friends Juan (Alexis Días de Villegas) and Lázardo (Jorge Molina) decide to parlay their skills for dispatching zombies into a professional career. "Juan of the dead killed their loved ones" is their slogan, and their mission is to help people get rid of those infected around them ... for a price. As the government attempts to maintain public order by blaming the fracas on Americans who they claim are attempting to topple the current regime, Juan and Lazardo rally the troops, gather their weapons, and prepare to make a killing by ridding Cuba of zombies one shambling, flesh-eating corpse at a time.

Blending comedy, horror and the walking dead into a smooth, politically acute satire, JUAN OF THE DEAD -- the first to be shot in post-revolution Cuba without the financial support of the Cuban government -- is Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

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