'Fanboys' Director Kyle Newman To Helm 'Chewie' Biopic

Kyle Newman--director of "Fanboys"--who's no stranger to "Star Wars" tributes/geek-outs is developing "Chewie," a biopic about perennial Wookie, Peter Mayhew.

"Chewie" will follow Mayhew's aspirational journey from hospital employee to actor, eventually landing in the co-pilot seat of the Millennium Falcon as Han Solo's walking carpet compadre, Chewbacca.

I imagine casting an actor to play the 7' 3" Mayhew might be a stretch (sorry). And although Newman was able to secure the life rights for Mayhew's tale, does that mean "Chewie" will feature Harrison Ford, George Lucas, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and the rest of the "Wars" crew? I guess we'll find out more as this story develops.

[Source: THR]